What Causes Wear in Your Door?

Architecture detailsAs the entryway to your house, your front door plays an important role in forming first impressions for your guests and keeping you safe and comfortable inside. Your front door can be subject to factors like weather, animals, and debris that cause damage and may limit its effectiveness and appearance. At some point, this damage may go too far and a replacement is needed. New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. has compiled some signs of door wear to help you determine when it’s time to look for a new front door.

Feeling a Draft

If you have noticed that your house is colder than it should be at night, then your front door could be the culprit. As a door ages, the seal around it can shrink and deteriorate, creating gaps that air from the outside can flow through, affecting the temperature inside. These holes can also negatively impact the energy efficiency of your home as well, as you have to crank up your heat more to compensate for cooler air getting inside. This means higher energy bills every month. Installing a door with a tight seal will help maintain a comfortable temperature and keep you from running your heating or cooling systems longer than you should.

Scratches and Chips

Since the front door is often the first thing that your guests see when they visit your house, you want it to look nice and clean. The paint and material of your door can become chipped and peeled over time, and soon your door could look much older than it is because of unsightly marks. While a good paint job can help restore the appearance of the door, it will not fill in any chips or gouges. If your door is pockmarked with these imperfections, you should consider having it replaced.

Trouble Opening and Closing

When your front door gets old, it can warp and sag, causing it to drag along the floor or stick to the frame. Doors made from wood are especially susceptible to this deformation if they come into contact with moisture. Opening or closing your door should not be a struggle. If you are finding yourself having to put your weight into the door in order to close it, it’s time to look for a new one. You’ll also save your floor from being damaged with additional scrapes.

Noisy Hinges

Another factor that could contribute to the difficulty opening or closing your door is faulty or aging hinges. When the hinges get old and rusty, they lock up and don’t swing open as easily as they should. In addition to reduced functionality, they may start squeaking when you use the door. This is not just annoying but also an indicator that your door is on its last legs. Oiling the hinges can help, but make sure to check their integrity as well. If they are loose, the door can potentially be forced open by intruders.

Find a Replacement Front Door

If you notice one or more of these indicators of door wear and live in North Jersey, check out door replacement services from New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. Our seasoned staff would be happy to provide more information, schedule an appointment, and answer all your questions. Please reach out to us today.