Patio Doors in Northern New Jersey

French patio doors

Your backyard and patio can be relaxing places to spend time. Accessing these spaces should be effortless with a patio door that looks good and is easy to operate. New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., offers durable and dependable doors in Northern New Jersey that are installed by our industry experts. We offer several different styles that can be customized so you can find the right patio door for your home.

Kingsroyal Glide Patio Doors by Soft-Lite

New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., is an exclusive dealer of Kingsroyal sliding patio doors. Known for their durable and energy-efficient construction, all Kingsroyal doors are designed with high-quality technology and long-lasting materials to provide you with a strong and secure patio door. Some features include:

  • R-5 ComfortFoam in the frames and rails to provide greater insulation and decrease energy costs
  • Two-Point Mortise Locking stainless steel to ensure a strong and secure lock
  • UltraSmart Triple-fin Weatherstripping to deliver extra protection while minimizing drafts and preventing dust and pollen build-up
  • UltraFresh antimicrobial protection to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold
  • Aluminum capped threshold for added durability in the well-trafficked foot threshold area

Kingsroyal patio doors not only boast longevity with robust construction, but they are also customizable to complement your home’s aesthetic. You can personalize your door with a large variety of exterior colors or woodgrain finishes, as well as a selection of eight different handles and various grid patterns for a look fully unique to you. These doors are always backed by a Soft-Lite lifetime warranty to ensure customer trust and satisfaction.

Savannah Patio Door Systems

New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., also offers Savannah patio doors for those desiring an option other than sliding glass doors. These patio systems are designed for one operational door to be hinged off of a fixed door panel so it can be opened into your home. All Savannah patio door units are built with a few features that make them long-lasting and secure. These features include:

  • Heavy 22-gauge construction for durability
  • High-quality screen that allows for ventilation
  • Endura sill that provides a non-conductive, high seal adjustable sill in a composite material for added durability and insulation

Savannah patio doors can also be customized in a few ways to match the inside and outside of your home. The doors are available in woodgrain steel only, but they can feature any full-view glass style, enabling you to choose just the right amount of privacy and decoration. The doors come with a white frame, but a different color-painted frame is available. The deadbolt and lever set for the patio doors are also available in three finishes for different aesthetics. Savannah patio doors are protected by the exclusive Lifetime & Beyond Warranty so you can have faith in your purchase.

Find Out More About Patio Doors in North Jersey

Are you interested in installing a new patio door? New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., has been in the home renovation business for more than 25 years and can help you design and install a patio door that is right for your North Jersey home. Contact us today for your free quote on patio door installation.