Options Available for Soft-Lite Windows


Why choose Soft-Light Windows? Soft-Lite Windows have been manufacturing high-quality products since 1934, and during the eight decades, many things in our world have changed. One of the most dramatic changes has been the advancement in window design and manufacturing. New Jersey Siding and Windows is proud to offer these high-quality, high-efficient / technically superior windows to homeowners. With the continually rising cost of energy becoming a major national concern, it’s important for window and door manufacturers to utilize technological advancements to develop the most energy efficient and durable products available. Soft-Lite’s commitment to energy efficiency traces back to its beginning. With Soft-Lite’s philosophy, decades of experience, state-of- the-art manufacturing plant, and the improved materials of today, the stage was set for Soft-Lite to create windows unlike any other in the industry. When combined with New Jersey Siding and Window’s 22 plus year history of quality installations, a Soft-Lite window will add to the functionality and value of your home. There are many different styles and options available for Soft-Light Windows. Choosing the right replacement windows for your home is important because it addresses both aesthetics and function.

Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are the most popular style manufactured by Soft-Lite ‒ and, in fact, are the most-used window throughout the country. A double-hung is the classic residential window, composed of a set of vertical sashes that both slide up and down. What is immediately apparent about a Soft-Lite double-hung window is its stylish beauty. What might not be so easy to see – until you get your next power bill – is how energy efficient Soft-Lite double-hung windows are. In fact, Soft-Lite’s double-hung designs are the most energy efficient in the industry, as well as the highest-performing.

Bow and Bay Windows

Soft-Lite carries high-quality bow and bay windows, the Elements, Classic, and Bainbridge collections. Whether you add a bow or bay window, your room will feel much more welcoming and spacious by adding three-dimensional depth and light. Let your imagination run free with bay windows from Soft-Lite, which are customizable with countless combinations of window styles, colors, and energy-efficient glass options. A bay window actually is a set of windows arranged together in a pattern that extends outward from the home. The pattern includes three panels, like a triptych in a Renaissance cathedral. How those three panels are composed is completely up to you, and that’s where your imagination comes into play. You can design your bay windows any way you like to match your home. For example, combine a picture window in the center with two casement windows on either side for ventilation. Go with a shingled gable effect on the outside, or add a sweeping metal roofing finish instead. Use custom-designed decorative glass, or any number of different grid patterns to create the effect you desire. No other windows can change the look and feel of a room like the Bay or Bow window. These windows also come with a SuperSeat™ insulated seat board providing increased energy efficiency.

Casements and Awnings Windows

A casement window has a hinged sash that swings in or out like a door. Crank-style or lever-style handles are used to open the sash. An additional handle locks the sash in the closed position. The handle mechanism of a casement window is easy to operate and is usually located low on the window, making the casement window an ideal window to place above cabinets, counter tops, or places that are slightly more difficult to reach. Casements are appealing both in new contemporary homes and in older style Prairie and Tudor homes. Like other styles of windows, the casement window can be installed as a single unit, or grouped together. Awning windows tilt open at the bottom, making them convenient to use even on rainy days. They are easy to open, easy to clean and maintain, and provide excellent ventilation. Awning windows work best in openings that are small and wide.

Sliding Windows

Think of the sliding window as a double-hung turned on its side! It combines all the features of a double-hung window, without the need for a balancer, so they’re very easy to open and close. Our full line of versatile sliders are available in a variety of window styles and operating choices. For instance, if you’re looking for a wider window, you have the option to choose between 2-lite and 3-lite sliders. All of our slider sashes roll easily on corrosion-resistant brass rollers.

Patio Doors

New Jersey Siding and Windows is proud to offer only the best options for your home, and Soft-Lite Kingsroyal patio doors are no exception. These doors will beautify any room. Your numerous aesthetic options with Soft-Lite include eight different designer handles, unlimited exterior colors, five interior wood grain finishes, and a wide selection of grid patterns and internal mini blinds. For your comfort and peace of mind, these patio doors are loaded with features that make them more durable, energy efficient, and practical than almost any other door on the market. Enhance the appearance and value of your home with a new Soft-Lite patio door custom-designed to your personal tastes. Our Soft-Lite Kingsroyal patio doors are state-of- the-art products made of the highest quality materials. Using the latest in technology, Soft-Lite patio doors ensure style, customization, safety, and a lifetime warranty at a price that can’t be beaten. Endorsed by the National Crime Prevention Council because of their strength and durability, these doors are also extremely efficient and will result in extra money in your pocket. In triple glass, the patio door is like an invisible wall. With Soft-Lite patio doors, the possibilities are endless. We provide numerous features to ensure that you end up with the perfect set of doors for your taste including:

  • Interior mini blinds
  • Custom handles
  • Popular colors
  • Decorative grid patterns
  • Efficiency glass package options
  • Multiple configurations