Vinyl Shake Siding in Northern New Jersey

Close-up of vinyl shake siding on exterior of homeWhen homeowners want to update their homes, their siding can be a great place to start. A home’s siding can reflect a family’s personality and style, and homeowners can choose from many unique options to make their homes stand out.

New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. offers vinyl shake installation and siding replacement services to homeowners across northern New Jersey. Learn more about our vinyl shake siding options and how to enroll in replacement services.

About Vinyl Shake Siding

Vinyl shake siding is a type of siding material that mimics the appearance of wood. While traditional siding styles use long planks that run along the length of a home, vinyl shake siding comes in smaller, square-shaped, and tapered panels. Siding installers install these panels overlapping each other to create interesting shadows.

If homeowners want to spruce up the look of their home’s exterior, vinyl shake siding can add a unique visual element. It comes with jagged, rugged features that make each piece different. However, they all come together to create a perfectly imperfect look. Vinyl shake siding offers a less uniform appearance than traditional siding types, meaning your house will stand out.

Homeowners can choose from many vinyl shake siding types, including:

  • Rustic: This is a thicker vinyl shake siding with more texture and a rougher appearance than other vinyl siding types.
  • Half-round edge: These have a unique shape where the bottom creates a half circle, forming a scalloped appearance after installation.
  • Shingles: These are machine-cut siding pieces with a smooth material face. They provide a more uniform look and lay flatter against your home’s exterior than other vinyl shake siding options.
  • Staggered edge: These panels have staggered, random edges along the bottom that create unique shadows and offer a rustic appearance.

Our Siding Installation Services

New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. offers composite vinyl siding installation services, including vinyl shake siding. Our options offer the same timeless appearance as wood but without the high maintenance. Homeowners can choose from diverse woodgrain patterns, each crafted to imitate the look of real cedar shakes. From straight-edge profiles to rough-sawn rustic panels, we carry a variety of vinyl shake siding styles and profiles.

When homeowners choose New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. for their installation services, they receive assistance throughout every corner of the installation process, including decision-making, installation, and financing. You must call or fill out a form on our website to inquire about our services. Then, we call to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate. During this time, our technicians discuss your project needs and assist with finding the right siding styles and types. We then complete the necessary paperwork and order the materials.

Before installation, technicians visit your home to complete pre-install measurements. This ensures renovation projects run smoothly and efficiently. Once we receive your products, we can schedule a date for installation. Homeowners can rely on our expert service providers to complete jobs professionally, with quality, and with great attention to detail. Our team consists of industry experts and factory-trained, certified installation crews.

Benefits of Vinyl Shake Siding

Replacing siding that’s become damaged or worn is essential to keeping homes comfortable. Siding also acts as a shield against harsh weather and other events. If you notice signs that you should replace your home’s siding, vinyl shake can be an ideal replacement siding. Vinyl shake siding offers the following benefits:

Ease of Maintenance

Traditional wood shake siding may offer an unmatched elegance and appearance, but many homeowners find real wood materials challenging to maintain. Wood is susceptible to damage, and homeowners must keep up with routine maintenance and cleaning to preserve its stunning looks. Opting for vinyl shake siding allows you to keep the appearance of real wood without the hassle of maintaining it.

Improved Curb Appeal

Not only can giving your home a much-needed siding update make you feel more connected with your space, but it can also boost its curb appeal. Many aspiring homeowners want new, unique, fresh amenities that give their homes a distinct, rustic appearance. Replacing your existing siding with vinyl shake siding can be a great way to accomplish this.

Enhanced Durability

Vinyl shake siding is not only easier to clean, but it lasts longer than traditional wood materials. The vinyl material can hold up through a variety of weather circumstances, including snow, wind, and rain. In addition, its low-maintenance construction means you won’t have to do as much to keep your siding looking its best.

Achieve Quality Siding Replacement With New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc.

Homeowners across northern New Jersey can find quality siding replacements at New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. Alongside composite siding, we offer vinyl siding products from well-known brands like Norandex, Provia, and CertainTeed. To learn more about our vinyl shake siding replacement services, contact us today.