Casement Windows in Northern New Jersey

White casement window in stucco wallHomeowners looking for better energy efficiency should consider replacing their windows with casement windows. Casement windows offer unique capabilities and a stunning appearance that pairs well with many home styles and configurations. New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. offers window replacement services for a variety of window types, including casement windows. Learn more about our services in northern New Jersey and how our skilled field technicians can help you.

About Casement Windows

Casement windows are a unique style of window that uses crank-style or lever-style handles to open. They have hinges on the side that allow windows to swing open and shut, like doors. Casement windows typically feature another handle to lock the window closed. Because of their unique construction, casement windows look great above countertops or cabinets. They also fit well in any Prairie-style or Tudor homes.

These types of windows differ from traditional windows that open vertically. Casement windows swing to the side via crank and hinge. Homeowners simply turn the easily operable crank to open the windows. Window screens typically sit on the inside of casement windows. Professionals can also install casement windows as a single unit or grouped together.

Many homeowners prefer casement windows over traditional ones for their energy efficiency. Casement windows feature an airtight seal when closed, making them the most energy-efficient option. They also offer clean lines and a contemporary style, making them ideal for modern-style homes. The types of casement window styles available include:

  • Single
  • Double (French)
  • Push-out

Benefits of Casement Window Replacement

Outdated windows can lose energy efficiency over time. This is especially true if windows become damaged. Homeowners must replace their windows to keep their homes comfortable. The benefits of replacing windows with casement styles include:

Energy Efficiency

Casement windows are designed to provide a weather-tight seal. The window sash construction pushes tight against all four sides of window structures. Closing the latch creates an airtight seal, which keeps houses safe from the elements and saves costs on monthly energy bills.


Some homeowners may be looking for ways to make their homes more accessible to limited-mobility family members. Adding casement windows to your space can be a great way to accomplish this. Casement windows feature opening cranks that sit at the bottom of the window. This makes it easier for individuals with disabilities to operate. People in wheelchairs can easily reach window handles to open or close them.

Home Protection

On the same note as energy efficiency, a casement window’s weather-tight seal can also offer better home protection. Casement windows are made with thick glass, which is more challenging for intruders to break. The airtight seal also keeps elements like moisture out, avoiding mold and mildew growth.

Windows at New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc.

New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. offers premium window replacement services to homeowners across North Jersey. We carry a variety of modern vinyl options built for energy efficiency. This allows customers to save costs on energy bills and keep their homes at a comfortable temperature.

All our window options are designed to stand up to New Jersey weather, like tropical storms, snow, or rain. Our team has specialized expertise in the area, meaning we can advise homeowners on the types and styles of windows they require to achieve long-lasting use.

Soft-Lite windows come in dozens of styles and color options, making it easy for homeowners to find something that matches their unique tastes and preferences. The windows feature easy cleaning capabilities, as well as triple-layer, impact-resistant glass to provide enhanced durability. The fusion-welded seams on our Soft-Lite windows allow you to keep cold or warm air locked in.

Our Window Replacement and Installation Services

For 20 years, homeowners across North Jersey have relied on us for quality, professional window replacement services. We are a family-owned company with a dedication to client satisfaction. Through award-winning expertise, homeowners can find the right styles and types of windows that fit their specifications.

We handle the installation process with professionalism to ensure seamless window replacement. To begin the installation, homeowners must call or fill out an inquiry form on our website to schedule their free, no-obligation estimate. During estimate appointments, we discuss your plans for your windows. We evaluate every aspect of your home, including the current issues with your existing windows. This allows us to craft a window replacement plan that works best for your home.

Once homeowners choose a window style, we then go on to complete the official paperwork and documentation. Next, one of our field technicians will visit your home to complete measurements of existing window fixtures. This ensures we order the right size, so renovation projects run smoothly. Once we have this information, we can order your windows. After the windows come in, we can schedule a time to begin the installation.

Spruce Up Your Home With Windows From New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc.

Homeowners in northern New Jersey can rely on New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. for their window replacement services. With financing options available, we make it easy for homeowners to rejuvenate the appearance of their homes and boost curb appeal. Our team of factory-trained, certified, and professional installation specialists can help you find the style of window that fits best in your home. To learn more about our casement window replacement services, contact us today.