What Are Awning Windows?

An awning window

When you require replacement windows, consider awning window installation. Like casement windows, awning windows feature hinges that let them swing outward. Awning windows have hinges at the top and swing outward from the base when opening. This style of window is a great choice for anyone who needs extra lighting and ventilation. Here, New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., a family-owned and operated business serving clients in northern New Jersey, outlines the many benefits of awning windows.

What to Consider When Selecting New Windows  

If your home needs new windows, there are a few aspects to consider before choosing your desired style. While appearance is a prominent factor for many, functionality is also something to think about. Some things to consider when selecting the best replacement windows include:

Window Frames

The material of the window framing is essential, as it typically determines the window’s insulation. Wood, aluminum, vinyl, and composite are some frame options, and you should explore the benefits and disadvantages of each material before deciding. You also can look at the climate of the area you live in and decide which material will hold up best in those temperatures.


In addition to the framing, the type of glass on a window also impacts the insulation benefits. If saving on your utility bills is important to you, consider looking into windows with insulated glass.


Although half-moon and round windows can be beautiful features, it is important to think about the functionality of your window’s design. If you are looking for a replacement window with a unique design or shape, be sure it can open and close as well. This ensures an appealing design that does not sacrifice performance.

Reasons to Consider Awning Windows

Windows play a significant role in your energy use and the overall comfort of your home, so it makes sense to choose an option that offers multiple benefits. Besides added functionality and design, awning windows offer the following assets for your home:

Rain-Resistant Capabilities

One of the prime reasons awning windows are a premier choice for homeowners is their rain-proof qualities. It can be difficult to air out your home comfortably from rain and the accompanying humidity without having to worry about water entering the home.

Luckily, with awning windows, you can keep your windows open during rainfall. The upward hinge keeps the rainwater from entering your house by enabling precipitation to easily slide off the awning.

Superior Ventilation

Another desirable factor of awning windows is that you can install them higher on the wall. Homeowners with very tall ceilings can count on this style of window to provide excellent ventilation while also shining natural light without sacrificing privacy. Additionally, at New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., we use SoftLite windows to ensure optimal insulation and ventilation features.

Energy Efficiency

Aside from picture windows, awning windows are the most energy-efficient style of window. The difference between the two is that awning windows can be opened, whereas picture windows typically do not offer that feature.

Additionally, since awning windows feature one sash and have a seal around their perimeter, they rest tightly against the frame when closed, thus keeping your home well-insulated and reducing energy use and costs.

Awning windows make a wonderful replacement for homeowners who need a balance between style and comfort. From their rain-proof abilities to their stylish appeal, these vinyl windows offer features unlike any other.

Replace Your Windows With New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc.

If you are in the northern New Jersey area and are in the market for new windows, look no further than awning window installation from New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. Our company has over 20 years of experience serving the area and transforming home exteriors. We partner with SoftLite to deliver superior-quality windows that are built and designed to last. For additional information on our window options or to book awning window installations for home improvement projects, contact us today.