Why You Should Always Let a Professional Install Replacement Windows

Professional Installing A Window

Window replacement, like all home improvement projects, can be costly. If you’re about to buy replacement windows online, installing them yourself might seem like a more appealing alternative to hiring a contractor. But is the money you might save really worth the effort and risk of making even more costly mistakes? New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. offers an in-depth explanation of why you should always hire a professional.

Window-Specific Expertise

In the age of Pinterest, YouTube, and WikiHow, it’s easy to assume that you can watch a few videos or read a guide and become an expert on window installation overnight. It isn’t so simple, however, as installing windows requires advanced knowledge and experience that can’t be found online.

When you hire a professional contractor, you’re not only paying for their time and the materials, but you’re also trusting their skill and expertise gained from years of training and real-life experience. This means professional installations provide homeowners with a host of benefits, including:

Speed and Efficiency

Installing a window takes time, and that’s even truer for a novice. If you try to DIY, you’ll have to set aside a long period of time to research and read instructions. You’ll also need to install slowly to avoid mistakes. A professional contractor has plenty of experience, however, and can work much more quickly and efficiently. While you might need to set aside a few days to tackle an installation, professionals will typically only take a few hours.

Enhanced Safety

Professional skill and expertise also ensure that installations are done safely. Window installation involves handling heavy objects, sharp tools, working on a ladder, and other hazards, but certified installers are trained in proper safety protocols to mitigate any risks. Failure to take the appropriate measures can result in personal injury and damage to windows, frames, walls, and more.

Superior Craftsmanship

If a window installation is done improperly, the final result will be noticeably subpar. Among other things, improperly installed windows:

  • Look worse
  • Are leaky or drafty
  • Are less energy-efficient
  • Result in damage that may need repair

Professionals know the techniques to form a proper seal and carry out a seamless installation, ensuring that your windows work properly and look even better. They’re also trained to recognize other issues with drywall, insulation, or the window frame that may affect the replacement.

Backed by Warranty

A professional installation may also come with a workmanship warranty that guarantees the quality of service. If there are any problems with the finished project, the company will take responsibility and pay to repair the damage. If you’re installing by yourself, however, you have no such guarantee. Plus, DIY installation can also count as unauthorized modification and void the manufacturer’s warranties on your new windows.

Trust the Professionals

Improperly-installed windows can lead to higher HVAC bills and expensive future repairs, while inexperienced workmanship can diminish your home’s value and curb appeal. Hiring a professional to do the job correctly will ensure that your new windows add value and beauty to your home, instead of the other way around. When you choose to work with New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., you can enjoy peace of mind that the job will be done right the first time. To learn more, contact us today.