Using Ornaments to Decorate Your Bay Window

Bay window seat with pillows and blinds

Bay windows bring a dramatic design element to your home. They make rooms feel more spacious, allow natural light inside, and provide a large-scale view of your yard and landscaping. And while they’re beautiful on their own, decorative accents can transform your bay window into a stunning focal point. To make the most of your décor, try a few of these tips for bay window ornaments and decoration ideas from New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc.

Complement With Curtains

Curtains and blinds offer one of the simplest ways to ornament your bay windows. There are several approaches you can take:

  • Long drapes: Floor-to-ceiling drapes can frame the space and make the room feel taller.
  • Double up: Layer curtains and textured blinds for a trendy and practical look.
  • Plantation blinds: Fit plantation blinds into the bottom of windows to maximize privacy and light.
  • Café panels: Install a pressure bar at the window’s midpoint to hang short curtains, café-style.

You can treat the bay as a single unit with one long valance across the top, blinds that fit outside the molding to create the illusion of a single unit, or a single pair of drapes outside the bay. Or, you can dress each window separately. If you do, choose matching treatments for a unified look.

Decorate with Trim

Bay windows also offer a great opportunity to get creative with trim. To complement the sophisticated look of bay windows, surround them with wide bands of carved trim to add visual interest. If the windows are separated by blank wall space, spruce up those areas. Natural wood paneling can add texture and a homey, rustic flair, while geometric lines of trim can make the space feel more modern.

Decorative trim can also add style to the exterior of the window. Framing the windows with a stone façade is another easy way to make a high-impact style statement.

Learn More About Bay Windows

Bay windows are a beautiful and practical addition to any home, especially with a few simple ornamentation ideas. To update your existing exterior windows or add a new bay window to your North Jersey home, contact New Jersey Siding & Windows today. Our team will help you choose from our high-quality products, provide a free quote, and perform expert installation to exceed expectations. For more information, please call 973-895-1113.