Tips on Choosing the Best Color for Your New Front Door

Grid of 18 colorful doors

More goes into picking a color for your new entry door than just selecting your favorite color. You want to make sure the color complements the exterior of your house, surrounding environment, style of the door, and more. If you’re considering front door replacement and need help picking a color you’ll love, New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., provides the following suggestions to help point you in the right direction.

Finding Complementary Colors

An important first step is to think about colors that complement each other. We provide entry doors in many styles and colors and take the guesswork out of matching colors yourself with the exclusive HGI Pro Match Color System. This process ensures you have an exact match between entry doors, windows, patio doors, clad wrap, and storm door colors. We also offer a variety of embossed wood grain finishes for our fiberglass doors and high-quality exterior paint finishes for our steel doors. Referring to the color wheel can also help determine matching colors, as it indicates complementary and clashing colors.

Another important factor to ponder is whether or not you want the door to stand out or blend in. If you want a monochromatic appearance, choose a different shade of the house’s exterior color. For a subdued look, pick a shade two or three colors away from each other on the wheel. A contrasting look can be achieved by choosing a color on the opposite side of the wheel. When in doubt, remember that neutral colors – black, gray, and brown – usually never look out of place.

Looking at Your Home’s Style and the Surrounding Environment

You may want to consider your house’s design before choosing a color as well. Dark colors work well with solid doors, while bright colors tend to go well with glass-paneled doors. Lighting is also a crucial consideration. If you have a dark front porch, a brighter color entry door can brighten the entire space, while a darker color might be best suited to an uncovered porch with a lot of light.

The climate you live in can also inform how you choose your entry door’s color. For example, pink, orange, and yellow colors look perfectly at home in warm-weather coastal environments. Blue and green hues are also a great option, as they allow the door to match natural surroundings.

Weighing External Factors That Impact Front Door Color

Choosing the right entry door color also requires a look around the neighborhood – and at your homeowner’s association (HOA) agreement. Seeing the color combinations at your neighbor’s homes can help inspire your own choices, and many homeowners prefer to choose colors that blend well with nearby homes. Meanwhile, be aware of local codes and HOA guidelines that may limit your choices.

Front Door Replacement Options from New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc.

Choosing the color of your new front door requires thoughtful consideration of matching colors, style, environment, and even the houses next door to find the right look. If you still have questions about choosing the right color to match your home and North Jersey neighborhood, contact New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., today for a free consultation and estimate.