Should I Replace My Deck? When to Get Your Deck Replaced

Deck With Trees In Background

Your deck should be everyone’s favorite spot at home. It’s a great place to entertain friends, enjoy a family meal, or just relax with a magazine and a cold drink. Yet if your deck is starting to show signs of aging or sports a weathered, shabby look, you may find you use it less and less. If you’re not sure about the right time to replace your deck, New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. offers a look at some important signs.

Rotten or Weak Posts, Joists, and Ledger Boards

Even more important than aesthetics, the structure of your deck plays a large role in deciding when to replace it. Critical components, like posts, joists, and ledger boards, do the work of keeping the deck stable and secure, so you can enjoy time outside without worry. If you notice signs of rot after a visual inspection of these elements or the wood feels soft to the touch, this is a clear sign your deck needs replacement. Doing so won’t just make your outdoor area more attractive, but also keep your family safer.

Shaky Railings

Deck railings are another important safety consideration, especially if your deck is elevated or overlooks a hill or other geographical feature that could lead to falls and trips. The railing can also help keep little ones corralled as they play outside and provide a stable place to steady yourself as you come up and down steps. If you notice that your deck’s railings feel wobbly when you put pressure on them, it’s another good sign that your deck should be replaced.

Pest Damage

If your current deck is made from wood, you’ve likely enjoyed its beautiful appearance and natural look. Unfortunately, the insects and pests in your yard also enjoy your deck for all the wrong reasons. Termites, carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, and other bugs feed on or burrow into wood decks, compromising their structure and creating holes that will only worsen over time. While you can use insecticide and other pest control methods to eliminate these insects, replacing your deck is your best bet once the damage is done.

Mold, Mildew, and Fungus

If your deck is located in an area that’s prone to dampness, it makes an ideal environment for the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus. These can usually be washed away with a mild detergent and water, but when left unchecked may cause deterioration that’s harder to resolve. Over time, mold, mildew, and fungus can damage the deck’s construction, making it slippery, and create an unsightly appearance. A replacement deck crafted with composite materials guards against this damage to ensure years of enjoyment.

Learn More about Deck Replacement in North Jersey

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