Ideas to Spruce up The Front Door and Patio

Nothing quite says “welcome” like a well-appointed patio or porch. Beautifying a home’s entrance creates a welcoming environment for residents and guests alike. Have fun with this area, and tap into creativity to make a space that’s beautiful and functional.

Think Beyond the Wreath

There are ways to brighten up the front door beyond adding a decorative wreath. Try painting it a bright color, then adding whimsical decor in complementary hues. Hang unique items and add flowers. For example, during the rainy season, hang a small umbrella by the handle and fill it with faux tulips, roses, daisies, or other blooms. In the hotter months, decorate the front door with a floppy summer hat sporting a flowing ribbon and an assortment of faux wildflowers.

Use Unique Furniture Pieces

Search for furniture items that pique curiosity. Add chairs, tables, stands, and novelty items to fill the space with functional pieces that inspire daydreams. Include a wooden swing, inviting throw pillows, unique vases, vintage toys, antique furnishings, or other specialty pieces. Play with the furniture and decor, arranging and re-arranging until the composition feels right.

Experiment with Color

Try out colors to create a particular mood. Throw in accent pieces that are in bold, bright hues. Change pieces around as the year progresses to reflect the season or a particular holiday. Possible combinations include soft lavender and mint green in spring, bright yellows in summer, red and orange tones in autumn, and gold, silver, and rose in winter. Don’t stop there. Try different color schemes, and dream up new combinations. After all, the front patio looks best when it reflects the homeowner’s personality and décor preferences.