How to Update Front Porch Columns

Exterior view of front door and porch columns

Many types of home improvement projects can add curb appeal and resale value to your residence. Replacing your home windows, installing new exterior doors, or updating front porch columns are exciting ways to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal.

New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. has over 20 years of expertise in upgrading home exteriors in northern New Jersey. Here, we describe why new front porch columns are a unique way to increase a property’s value and overall attractiveness.

What Are Porch Columns and Why Upgrade Them?

Columns are a type of pillar that sustains the weight of a roof, arches, or beams. Just like any part of your home’s exterior, porch columns can warp, split, rot, or fade over time. Because they are often load-bearing, a weakened column could put your home and family at risk. Upgrading porch columns can increase both your home’s structural integrity and curb appeal.

Porch Column Styles

There are endless styles to choose from when looking at porch columns. Some of the most common include:


Corinthian columns are round, fluted pillars with ornate decorative accents at the top. This detailed style is most often used in Greek revival-style homes and buildings.


Egyptian columns are also circular and feature fluted divots for added elegance. While Corinthian columns are the same width throughout, Egyptian columns are tapered toward the top. They are most commonly seen in Egyptian revival homes, a style made popular during the 1800s.


Doric-style columns are influenced by ancient Greek architecture and have fluted pillars. However, Doric tops are smooth, not fluted. They are more understated than Corinthian columns.


These column pillars are square and typically thicker toward the bottom, tapering slightly at the top. They are characteristically simple and sturdy, developing during the Arts and Crafts movement at the turn of the last century. This style complements stonework and often is seen in Craftsman homes.

Many other column styles exist, and each can be custom-made to enhance a front porch. Additionally, these designs can be constructed out of many materials.

Porch Column Material

Porch columns can be constructed from several different kinds of materials, depending on your budget, style, location, and climate. Some items used to construct porch columns include:


Wood is a classic option that adds a touch of tradition to a front porch. While different types of wood can be used, it’s important to choose one that has enough load-bearing capacity for your home. Wood should also be weather-treated to withstand the elements.


Fiberglass columns are engineered to be sturdy and aesthetically pleasing options for front porches. This material is nearly impermeable to rot, insects, and weather. It’s extremely versatile and can be customized to the property style and homeowner’s taste.


Like fiberglass, synthetic columns are durable, versatile, and can be easily custom-designed to blend with exterior design. They are relatively easy to install and maintain.

Marble or Stone

While less common in contemporary structures, marble and other types of stone have unparalleled longevity and can withstand heavy loads. Their elegance creates a strong aesthetic statement.

Benefits of Upgrading Porch Columns

There are many advantages to upgrading porch columns. They include:

Support and Durability

The principal purpose of columns is to help support and stabilize your home, ensuring you can enjoy your front porch for years to come. Columns also serve as a privacy buffer to your home’s interior and enhance your outdoor living space.

Curb Appeal

Porch columns enable a home’s exterior to stand out from the rest. They elevate the look of an entranceway, provide a welcoming feel to guests as they enter, and create a defined front porch area while still allowing in natural light.

Higher Resale Value

Installing vinyl siding accessories, such as porch columns, can increase property resale value with minimal time and effort. They can be a valuable investment that helps a home sell more quickly and at a higher price.

To ensure porch columns are installed correctly, it’s best to work with an experienced home improvement company.

Enhance Your Home with Porch Columns

Porch columns create a unique and intriguing architectural focal point to the exterior of homes in the northern New Jersey area. New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business with two decades of expertise with home improvement projects. As part of our services, we can install front porch columns that enhance curb appeal and home resale value. Our professional and client-focused team is happy to answer questions from homeowners about customized columns, exterior doors, siding, or any of our high-quality home exterior products. Contact us today to set up a free estimate or discuss financing.