How Composite Decking Wins Out Over Regular Hardwood

The deck is where many families’ happiest moments occur, from summertime cookouts to playing with the kids. There’s no doubt you’ll get plenty of enjoyment from a new deck, but selecting the right materials isn’t always easy. Should you choose hardwood or composite decking? To help you make the right call, New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. explains the top five benefits of composite decking that make it the right choice for most homeowners.

  1. 1. Composite decking is extremely durable

North Jersey’s rain and snow are hard on wood decks, even when they’re properly treated and maintained. Moisture infiltrates wood over time, causing rot, splitting, and cracking. This damage can make the deck less attractive and less safe, from uneven boards and weakened supports to splinters.

Composite decking offers a clear advantage thanks to its durability. The boards are made with a mix of natural fibers and polymer that won’t warp, crack, or splinter. Composite decking is also insect resistant, so pests can’t make a meal of your deck.

  1. 2. Composite decking is beautiful and versatile

If you love the beauty of hardwood, you may imagine composite decking can’t compare. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, however, as composite deck boards are available in realistic wood-grain finishes that mimic the natural look of wood. You’ll also find a myriad of colors to choose from, whether you prefer rustic tones, pleasing neutrals, or bolder shades. With matching railings and other accessories, it’s easy to create the outdoor living area you’ve always dreamed of.

  1. 3. Composite decking requires little maintenance

Do you dream of summers spent sanding, painting, or staining your deck? Few homeowners do. But constant UV exposure takes a toll on hardwood, fading its finish and leaving the unattractive gray you see on so many older decks.

Composite decking resists even the brightest summer sun, retaining its finish with no need to repaint or stain. And if dirt, mud, or mildew mar the deck’s surface, simply grab a hose, scrub brush, or power washer for easy cleaning.

  1. 4. Composite decking is eco-friendly

There’s no way around it – hardwood comes from trees, which means that natural resources are depleted to build wood decks. Composite decking provides a sustainable alternative with a mixture of reclaimed wood and plastics drawn from sources like shopping bags to turn waste into valuable decking material. It’s a great way to go green without sacrificing quality, beauty, or convenience.

  1. 5. Composite decking is a great value

You may have heard that composite decks are more expensive than hardwood. In many cases, that’s true, although the cost will depend on design, size, and other factors. At the same time, it’s important to consider a deck’s value over time.

Composite decks are easy to install, which can help save labor costs during the installation process. You’ll also avoid the annual costs of paint or stain, plus the labor required from you or a contractor to apply it. Finally, composite decks simply last longer than those made of hardwood, saving homeowners on replacement and repair costs throughout the life of the deck.

Learn More about Composite Decking Benefits

Composite decking offers a long-lasting option that you and your family can enjoy summer after summer. If you’re interested in building a new deck in Northern New Jersey, contact New Jersey Siding & Windows today. We’ll provide a free quote and explain all your options to help you create the perfect deck for your home.