Home Improvement Projects That Add Value for the Coming Year

Person inspecting vinyl siding and windows

Many types of home improvement projects require little time and effort on your part yet have a high return on investment. Replacement doors, windows, and siding can significantly increase the energy efficiency, curb appeal, and resale value of a home.

New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business, serving clients in northern New Jersey for over two decades. We provide exterior remodeling services and more to save you time and money in the long run. Here, we outline beneficial home improvement projects to plan in the coming year.

Benefits of Replacement Doors

Replacement doors are a fantastic option to reduce energy costs while adding elegance to your home, and the front door is a great place to start. Our partner, Home Guard Industries, Inc. (HGI) offers various options that enable you to custom-design your entry door. You can choose from several sizes, grains, glass types, and panels. You can even pick the privacy level to tailor the entrance to your particular style and budget. These exterior doors can provide:

Energy and Money Savings

Doors constructed by HGI are among the most energy-efficient in the industry and are Energy Star approved by both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). This means you’ll stay comfortable inside, no matter the temperature outside. Their insulation technology also can help you reduce your utility bills and your home’s carbon footprint.

Safety and Security

A well-crafted front door not only looks good – it also provides safety. An exclusive HGI steel-framed door provides an extra level of strength and security to your home, providing peace of mind.

Resale Value

Whether your new door’s design is traditional or modern, an upgraded entranceway can enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal. This investment improves the look of your property and neighborhood and can even increase the resale value of your home.

In addition to these outstanding designs, fiberglass entry doors are also a great choice for a front entrance as they are energy-efficient, sturdy, and easy to maintain.

Benefits of Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are another excellent way to help save energy and increase your home’s resale value. Soft-Lite windows set the industry standard, manufacturing top-quality designs that are available in an array of sizes and styles. You can choose from bow or bay, double-hung, or casement. Each type of replacement window offers many benefits, such as:

Increasing Energy Efficiency

Soft-Lite windows are made with ultra-tight seals and insulating foam that help you stay comfortable all year. You can even choose from Energy Star label glass to further increase your home’s energy efficiency and save on utility costs.

Adding Style and Attraction

Whether viewing your new windows from inside or outside, these attractive additions will upgrade your home’s look, style, and feel. They can increase your property’s curb appeal and enhance the aesthetics of your home and neighborhood.

Increasing Property Value

Did you know replacement windows are an optimal way to increase your home’s value? New windows have one of the highest return-on-investment rates of all home replacements, beating out kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Less Maintenance

Sometimes updating your home comes with the caveat of added work – not so with replacement windows. They often are easier to clean, operate, and maintain.

New Siding Benefits

Installing new siding has many advantages. It’s a fantastic way to boost your home’s exterior style and aesthetic. There are many siding options available, making it easy to complement your home’s existing style. In addition, new siding can improve:

Resale Values

Adding new siding can change the entire look and feel of your home for the better. Others will notice this worthwhile renovation, which can help elevate the resale value and reduce the time it takes to sell a property.

Energy Effectiveness

No matter the style you choose, technological advancements in new siding can make a difference in regulating your home’s interior temperature and comfort level during any season.

Moreover, modern siding can help protect your home from wind and weather damage.

Plan Your Home Improvement Projects with New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc.

At New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., we’re known for our expertise in home improvement projects for residences in the northern New Jersey area. For over 20 years, we have been installing replacement doors, windows, and siding, benefitting the curb appeal, energy efficiency, and overall value of our customers’ homes. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about our products and services and provide a free estimate for your upcoming project. Contact us today for more information about our selection of doors, windows, and siding.