Furnishing Your Deck

Furnished Deck

Adding a new deck to your house is a big renovation that can enhance how you spend time in your backyard. With this new space at your disposal, there are plenty of options available to help you make the most of it. Whether you want to entertain guests, grill with the family or simply relax, the possibilities are endless. To help you get started, New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. offers a few ideas about how to furnish your new deck.

How Should You Choose Deck Furniture?

Start the process by deciding which large pieces you want on your deck first. Consider the amount of space you have to work with and what purpose you want your deck to serve. Having a dining table is a great place to start, as you will enjoy dinner outside with your family or friends. If there isn’t room for a large table, then try a few smaller tables and chairs to enjoy a conversation around. Don’t just eat outside, but also cook your meal by making a space for your grill and supplies. There are unending deck furniture possibilities, so map out your space on a sheet of paper and experiment with different arrangements before you decide on how you want it to look.

Take a Seat

Besides dining al fresco on a nice sunny day, you want to be able to use your new deck to relax. Depending on the amount of space and vibe you want to create, there are several seating options to choose from in order to achieve the right balance of comfort and style. Here are a few ways you could incorporate seating:

  • Swing chairs: Get into the rhythm of your backyard with a swing chair, which can be hung from above and will allow you to keep your feet off the ground while enjoying a good book.
  • Poolside loungers: Whether you have a pool or not, stretch out and work on your tan with a lounger, which can be adjusted to different angles.
  • Hammock: Take a pleasant nap in a hammock, many of which come with built-in stands so you won’t have to find two anchor points to connect it.
  • Wicker chairs: Seats made from wicker are a popular choice for outdoor use because of their resistance to the elements and classic good looks.
  • Outdoor sofa: What could be better than relaxing on a sofa outside with a nice summer breeze? A sofa provides a perfect centerpiece for your deck while also creating space for multiple people to sit.

Light Your Way

When the sun goes down but you still want to spend the evening outside, you’re going to need some form of lighting. Besides being functional, there are some creative ways in which you can illuminate your deck, such as:

  • String lighting: Stretch strings of lights along the railings and walls, or above your table to create a twinkling ambience that matches the stars above.
  • Stair lights: While not only providing a cool look, installing lights on the steps of your deck will help people see better as they go up and down in low-light conditions.
  • Lanterns: Create the feel of outdoor adventure with lanterns that you can position anywhere you’d like.
  • Under-table lighting: For a soft glow around your deck, install lights under your table, railings or other surfaces that won’t overpower while still providing plenty of illumination.

Be Creative

No matter what deck furniture you decide on, make sure it reflects your personality and sense of style. If you don’t have a deck yet but would like to enhance your home, then check out New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc to get one installed. Our professional deck builders can construct a new deck with high-quality, durable decking manufactures from leading manufacturers that can be enjoyed for years to come. For homeowners in Northern and Central New Jersey, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.