Doorknob, Lever, or Handle: Making Your Choice

Door handles in hardware store

When you’re replacing your exterior doors, new hardware is an important decision. You want a handle mechanism that is easy to use, suits your needs, and matches the style of your door and home. So, where do you begin? New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., offers a guide to door handle types to help you choose the best fit for your needs and aesthetics.


Doorknobs are easy to stall and are one of the most classic, recognizable hardware choices. As a result, they’re often best-suited for traditional-style homes. They look great with craftsman, colonial, or Victorian architecture, especially if the finish matches the overall theme. Of course, this doesn’t mean doorknobs aren’t appropriate for more modern houses. There’s a wide variety of options on the market, so it’s easy to find one that matches your design preferences. If a round shape is too simple, oval or egg-shaped doorknobs offer a new twist, and sometimes, even better leverage.

As an added bonus, most doorknobs can be turned in either direction – a huge benefit when your arms are full of mail, groceries, or large packages.

Door Levers

Though door levers are also an older technology, they’ve recently become associated with modern architectural designs. Because of the range of options, a lever can suit a traditional design just as easily as a contemporary one. Levers come in all kinds of finishes, styles, and shapes, from incredibly ornate to minimalistic and looping curls to geometric shapes. You should have no trouble finding a lever to suit your home’s exterior.

The most significant advantage of a lever is its ease of use. Handles offer a solid grip that is comfortable for older hands and young children alike. The opening movement is also simpler. Instead of rotating, a lever simply pushes downward. For individuals with reduced dexterity, this is easier and more comfortable to manage. Levers are also a good choice for homeowners who plan to age in their place.

Door Handlesets

The final hardware option is the handleset. These are often handles with a thumb operated mechanism that is depressed to open the door from the exterior, with matching lever or knob on the interior.  These are the most ornate of all the entry systems, and work well with all styles, from minimalistic doors to elaborate designs.  With the thumb operation, these are easy for all ages to operate, while maintaining the aesthetic appeal on your new door.

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If you’re still struggling to decide between door handle types, New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., can help. We serve Northern New Jersey with exterior door replacements and installations, and our experts are happy to help you decide which door hardware is best for your needs. To find out more or get started with a door replacement, contact us today.