Different Ways to Customize your Fiberglass Front Door

Selection of doors and windows

Fiberglass doors offer many benefits to the customer, including durability, security, easy maintenance, and energy efficiency. They are also able to be personalized for a fully custom door that matches your home’s exterior. From different colors to glass panes and panel shapes, there are many ways to customize your fiberglass front door to match your home’s aesthetic. New Jersey Siding & Window, Inc., shares tips on how to personalize your door replacement just the way you want it.

Select a Style

The first step to customizing your fiberglass front door is to select a door style. New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., offers a variety of unique glass and door styles from HOME GUARD, so you’ll be sure to find one that matches your home and style. Some examples of styles to choose from include:

  • Craftsman
  • Two-, three-, six-, or eight-panel design
  • Eight-panel design with center arch
  • Two-panel arch top plank
  • Half, three quarters, or full glass in an array of styles

You can also further personalize your style with different glass textures, sidelites, windows, and more. View our catalog to see images of your customization options.

Choose a Color or Stain

The next step in perfecting your personalized fiberglass front door is to decide on a color or wood stain. New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., offers 17 bold colors or seven stain finishes to match your home’s style. Since fiberglass doors can be customized to have the same woodgrain texture and stains as an authentic wood door, you can still achieve the natural wood aesthetic with less maintenance. You can also choose to combine a solid color on one side and a stain on the other for a unique look.

Pick a Doorknob or Other Option

Next, it’s time to choose a doorknob, lever, or handle from the many types of styles and finishes available. New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., offers combination handles and knobs together or apart, mechanical handle sets, different styles of levers, and multiple finishes for a completely customized and unique look.

We also offer mechanical and electronic locks to suit your security preferences. If you like a more traditional look that is still strong and secure, we recommend you browse our variety of mechanical locks. For a more updated and technologically advanced option, trust the Schlange Sense Smart Deadbolt that works with a smartphone right out of the box.

Decide on Accessories

The final step in the customization of your fiberglass front door is to accessorize the door with finishing touches. New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., offers many options to add functionality and an eye-catching look to your door. These options include:

  • Peepholes
  • Optional door knockers
  • Magazine slots
  • Kickplates
  • Spring hinges

Customize Your Fiberglass Front Door With New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc.

Are you ready to start on your front door replacement and customization journey? The industry experts at New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., can help you with all the steps for customizing your fiberglass front door with their focus on customer satisfaction. Contact us today for your free estimate from New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc.