Different Types of Exterior Doors for Your Home

Large Double Exterior Doors Surrounded By Pillars

Your front door is important for security, keeping your home warm and comfortable, and providing a welcoming first impression to visitors. But which type of door is best? Each has its own strengths, and the one you choose should depend on your needs. Here, New Jersey Siding and Windows, Inc. provides an overview of your options to help you choose which exterior door type is right for you.

Fiberglass Doors

Many homes in America have fiberglass doors – and for good reason. Fiberglass doors are great insulators and very energy efficient. They are also resistant to water damage, don’t warp, and are hard to scratch or dent, meaning that they don’t need much maintenance to last a long time. Finally, fiberglass doors come in a wide array of styles and color options and are easy to re-stain.

Steel Doors

While fiberglass doors are great for durability and versatility, steel is a great alternative. Steel doors don’t crack or puncture, even under heavy blows, and they keep their shape over time. This toughness can also stand up to the weather. As long as your door is in good shape, it can withstand almost any storm.

Security Doors

If you’re looking for even more security than a steel door alone, consider a security door. These doors are made of steel or fiberglass, yet they usually have a core of steel and are reinforced around the locks and hinges. These doors can also accommodate higher-quality locks or additional security measures, like keyless locks or deadbolts. Security doors are great to keep your home safe and to preserve your peace of mind. Plus, many modern designs are visually appealing and appear as a normal door.

Storm Doors

A storm door is a second outer door installed just outside your main door. It provides an extra layer of protection against bad weather and insulation while improving your home’s security. A storm door also gives you the option to leave your main door open without letting in bugs. Whether you want some ventilation, natural light, or extra supervision on your kids as they play, a storm door can make that possible.

Glass Doors

Bring some style and elegance to your patio by installing a sliding glass door. The transparency of glass allows natural light into your home and makes the interior seem larger. At the same time, it visually extends your living area into your porch space, making it feel more connected. Glass doors are practical as large doorways that can be left open without taking up space due to inconvenient swinging, so they’re great for entertaining.

Since glass doors are transparent, they’re most ideal for the back of your home. If you’re concerned about privacy, choose one with interior blinds between the glass layers that can open and close as you need.

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All these exterior door types are great options, but remember that replacement doors should be installed by professionals. New Jersey Siding and Windows, Inc. assists clients in Northern and Central NJ with expert replacement and installation services. Contact us by calling 973-895-1113 to find out more about our exterior door types or to schedule a consultation.