Benefits Of Adding A Portico To Your Home

A portico can add new life to any home’s exterior. Adding a little dimension to your façade makes your home stand out, and a well-defined entranceway can pay off both financially and functionally. Our team at New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. shares the benefits of porticos and how they can add value to your home.

What Is A Portico?

A portico is a covering above your front door, and usually consists of a roof supported by columns. An architectural feature born in ancient Greece, portico design can be very simple or ornate. Unlike a deck or porch, a portico simply provides cover for an entryway, not an entire outdoor living space. They come in many different styles and provide several benefits.

Curb Appeal

A beautiful portico can set your home apart and add dimension to its façade. It highlights the front door and adds ambiance to your home’s entrance. It’s also a great place to show off your lighting and decorating skills during any holiday season.

Protection From The Elements

In addition to protecting your door from rain, sleet, and snow, a portico can minimize the amount of UV rays that may damage the door over time. With a portico shading it, you’ll have less fading and warping to the door, woodwork, and exterior siding. Not to mention it will keep you nice and dry when unlocking the door in a rainstorm.

Keeps Your Home Cleaner

It’s no fun to have snow, sleet, or rain blow into your home or to track mud all over your entryway floor.  A major advantage of a portico is that it shields the indoors from the elements, too, which means less housework and maintenance for you.

An Affordable Feature To Spruce Up Your Home

The cost of a portico will depend on its size, design, materials, and features such as lighting. There are lots of ways to express your personal style with roof material, trim, column type, floor material, steps, handrails, and other design elements. When all is said and done, enhancing the appearance of your home with a portico and a new door is well worth the cost and adds value without the need for a complete redo.

Adds To Your Home’s Value

A beautiful portico can have a positive impact on a potential buyer’s first impression of your home. Increased functionality and curb appeal can often add to its overall value as well. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of your new portico, you can rest assured that a well-designed and constructed portico can help boost the price of your home when it’s time to sell.

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