Accessorizing Your New Door

Wood Front Door

As the main entryway, your front door creates the first impression of your home. Use this opportunity to show off your style by accessorizing your new door just to your liking. Doors provided by New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. offer plenty of ways to make your home’s entrance interesting and unique. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve collected some fundamental ways in which you can customize your new door to spark some ideas.

Gleaming Glass

One of the biggest decisions regarding the style of the door is whether you want a glass pane. The shape and size of the glass you choose will dictate the layout for the rest of the door. There are almost endless possibilities when considering which glass design to use, from standard rectangles on the top half of the door, to majestic arch or oval cutouts in the middle. You can even add sidelights on either side, which are glass panes that run the length of the door and allow more natural light to enter your home. Also make sure to consider the opacity of the glass you choose and the level of privacy you desire. If your home is located on a busy city street, you may prefer opaque glass that limits visibility.

Hardware Details

Now that you have the basic structure of the door set, it’s time to think about how you will open it. Do you want a standard doorknob with a keyhole, a lever or an entire handle set with a deadbolt and separate keyhole? In addition, the multiple finishes allow you to match the handle with the style of the rest of the door in order to create a unified motif.

Add Functionality

After the basics are complete, it’s time to add a few fun features that fit your lifestyle. Many accessories could be helpful for you to add to your door, such as:

  • Doorknocker: Add a touch of elegance with a knocker that will also let you know someone is at the door from anywhere in the house.
  • Pet Door: Why should humans have all the fun? A pet door included at the bottom of the door will allow your pet to travel in and out of the house as it pleases. Most pet doors include a locking panel to keep your furry friend safely inside and a weather seal to keep the elements out.
  • Mail Slot: If you don’t have a mailbox or want to walk to the end of your driveway to collect your mail every day, then a mail slot is an easy solution.
  • Peephole: When someone knocks on your door, a peephole is a handy way to determine who is visiting before opening up. Some doorknockers even include peepholes, so you can combine two features into one.

Create a Grand Entrance

Installing a new door is a great opportunity to display your sense of taste and add some helpful features that can make your life a little easier. New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. works with high-quality manufacturers to ensure that you receive a premium door that fits all of your needs. If you own a home in Northern or Central New Jersey and have any questions about the services we provide or would like to receive a free estimate, feel free to contact us online.