5 Tips for Purchasing New Windows and Doors Together

Professional Window Installation

Buying windows and doors together is a great way to save money and hassle. Doing two things at once, however, can seem like a large and overwhelming task. But with professional advice and installation, you can avoid missteps and prevent headaches in the future. New Jersey Siding and Windows, Inc. offers five great tips for buying windows and doors to ensure that the job is done safely and easily.

Complementing Aesthetic Features

When purchasing home windows and doors together, make sure that they complement each other. Consider the color of the trim, the style, if the glass is etched or patterned, and any other factors that might affect whether your windows and doors coordinate or clash. A complementing, stylish aesthetic goes a long way toward increasing curb appeal and making your home look inviting.

Install Both at Once

Save time and money by installing both on the same day. This ensures that you’ll only have to worry about having an active jobsite for one day – not two – and decreases the likelihood that one of the installation days will have bad weather. Also, be sure to hire a professional. Expert home improvement companies will install your new windows and doors more efficiently with less stress for you.

Check the Frames

Always check the window and door frames before a replacement. This is because there’s a chance that your current windows and doors are working less effectively due to shifting, sagging, or other damage to the frames. When you hire a professional for an expert examination, they can repair the frames before installing the new windows or doors if they notice any problems.

Replace Siding

If you’re already replacing your door and windows, take a look at the siding, too. A shiny new door and windows can make old, worn-out siding look even worse by comparison. Replacing all three features at once creates a great opportunity to style them together and give your home a facelift. With all-new windows, doors, and siding, your home will have never looked better.

Hire a Professional

Finally, always hire a professional. An expert remodeler will get the job done quickly and properly. Incorrect installation can lead to drafty windows, higher energy bills, and a less secure home. Professionals also know the safety standards for working with windows and doors to ensure that accidents don’t happen.

If you try to do it yourself, you can risk hurting yourself or even breaking or scratching your new windows and doors. Insurance is unlikely to cover the damage, so you’ll end up paying for replacements yourself. In addition, products available to professional remodelers are often not sold to the general public. By hiring a professional, you ensure that the job is done safely and that you will not be liable for any mistakes that do occur.

Begin Your Project Today

If you’re thinking about buying windows and doors, consider talking to a professional. Home improvement experts can offer you advice on your purchase and ensure a successful installment. At New Jersey Siding and Windows, Inc., we offer a variety of doors and windows to choose from and will handle the installation for you. To find out more or to schedule a consultation, contact us by calling 973-895-1113.