5 Board And Batten Siding Ideas For Your Home

Entryway of home with white board and batten siding

Board and batten siding has been around for hundreds of years, and was initially used by American settlers to cover barn and log house exteriors. Board and batten consists of wood planks for siding and battens (small, narrow strips of wood) to cover the seams, which helps keep heat in, and wind, rain, and snow out. At New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., we offer top-quality vinyl and composite board and batten siding that can transform the exterior of your home. Whether you’re looking to add modern accents to the exterior of your home or want to achieve a rustic farmhouse look, these board and batten siding ideas provide the inspiration you need to get started.

Modern Farmhouse Look

Nothing beats crisp, white vertically-installed board and batten with black or dark blue trim to create a crisp, clean farmhouse feel. Board and batten is typically placed vertically, although many homeowners are getting creative, placing it in different configurations and mixing it with other styles of siding.

Industrial Design

Vinyl and composite board and batten are available in a wide array of hues. Darker grays like charcoal with black trim can create an industrial, modern look that’s ideal for urban living. When mixed with horizontally-installed lap siding, you can create a unique style for your home’s exterior.

Just Beachy

Even if you live nowhere near the coast, you can give your home some seaside charm with light gray and medium blue board and batten. Adding some white trim to complement your siding will have you feeling like you’re living that coastal life all year ‘round.

Woodsy Vibes

Deep olive greens, cozy browns, and mixed siding styles and materials can give your home a cozy, woodsy vibe. Whether you’re dreaming of a cabin in the woods or want a fresh new look for your lake house, board and batten fits the bill. Durable, eco-friendly engineered wood siding that flawlessly mimics the look of real wood is now available with no need for painting or staining.

Cottage Style

Love your brick or stone exterior but want to mix things up with some board and batten siding? No problem at all. When paired with brick or stone on the exterior of a craftsman or cottage-style home, board and batten siding can make it look traditional and modern all at once. You can also use it to make the walls of a covered deck or porch look and feel homier.

Board And Batten Siding Installation

Board and batten siding is aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance, and durable. Vinyl or composite board and batten can last for decades, but even the highest quality materials won’t protect your home if they aren’t installed correctly. You want an exterior that can stand up to harsh Northern New Jersey winters and fluctuating temperatures in spring and fall. In addition to choosing a company that offers top-quality products, selecting professionals who have experience installing board and batten siding is a must.

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