4 Tips on Why and How to Properly Clean Gutters

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Cleaning gutters prevents costly repairs from freezing, damage to landscape, or even erosion to foundation from rainwater runoff. Using proper cleaning techniques and tools results in lower costs and fewer injuries in the process.

Make the Time

Scheduling routine semiannual cleanings ensure timely maintenance, eliminates runoff water damage to the roof or foundation, and reduces rust corrosion.

Take Precautions

Anyone cleaning a gutter should let someone know when working on a roof or ladder as falls are the number one source of household injuries in America. One should protect hands with thick, suede gloves that are water-resistant, maneuverable, and durable. Long sleeve shirts can protect skin against bacteria, and it’s important to use eye protection against debris, animals, or insects that may fly out of the downspout. It’s also wise to clean the roof first, and consider rubber-soled shoes when climbing onto it. People should never work near damaged power lines, and always let someone know when working on the roof.

Use the Right Tools

It is important to use a sturdy, secured ladder that is lightweight when possible. It can be helpful to utilize a garden hose to spray out the gutter and also run water to check that the downspouts are clear. There are also many scooping tools available to clean debris.

Consider the Details

Investing in a quality gutter guard could reduce the need for cleaning, although claims to eliminate pine needles or leaves are unlikely. Lawns can be saved by dumping debris into a bucket or tarp.

When cleaning gutters, it’s important to keep safety in mind.