3 Tips for Cleaning the Outside of Your Home

Homeowners spend countless hours wiping, vacuuming, and sweeping around the house. Whether it’s the daily dusting or a detailed clean because you’re expecting company, the inside of the home usually gets more attention than the outside. Granted, homes are ruggedly constructed and made to last, but that doesn’t mean the exterior shouldn’t get any attention. From chipped siding to clogged gutters, the outside of the home takes damage over time. New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., offers three tips to help you better care for the home’s exterior.

1. Get on Top of Things: Start with the Roof

Rain, snow, hail, branches, and other debris never make it inside, and that’s partially thanks to the roof over your head. But it’s not indestructible. After a while, some shingles might start to lose their grip. Not to mention that leaves and branches may also get jammed between the roofing. During the warmer months, it’s a good idea to clear the roof of any debris while keeping an eye out for any holes or missing shingles. Be sure you have a sturdy ladder and a partner just to be safe.

2. Maintain Your Gutters

While you’re already on the roof, inspect the gutters. This is another one of those “out of sight out of mind” aspects to a house, but if left unattended for too long, clogged or backed-up gutters have the potential to cause damage to your roofing and siding. Grab a garbage bag, hose, small garden trowel, and some gloves before heading back up the ladder, and then follow these steps:

  1. Clear out any dry debris, such as rocks, sticks, leaves, etc.
  2. Grab your trowel and scrape up anything wetted down and clumped together, throwing everything you take from the gutter into your garbage bag.
  3. Once the gutters are clear, spray them down with the hose. When the water runs clear to the bottom of the house, you’re all set.

3. Survey Your Home’s Exterior Siding

Whether you’re thinking about it or not, siding is the first thing you take notice of when you look at a house. Most houses in the United States have vinyl or composite siding, and that’s because it’s durable, affordable, and surprisingly easy to clean. The quickest way to clean siding is with a power washer, but for those who don’t have one lying around, opt for a soft-bristled brush with a long handle instead. Hose down the siding first, and then from the bottom up, scrub the siding with a 70/30 mixture of water and white vinegar, ensuring to shield any plants as the vinegar solution will harm them. Rinse off any excess as you go. This will leave your siding looking brand new.

Learn More about Exterior Home Maintenance in North Jersey

These are just a few of the ways to clean the outside of your home and keep it looking its best. If you think your home’s siding or windows could use repairs or replacements, don’t hesitate to reach out to New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. For more information and a free estimate, contact us today.