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  • An awning window
    15 Oct

    What Are Awning Windows?

    When you require replacement windows, consider awning window installation. Like casement windows, awning windows feature hinges that let them swing outward. Awning windows have hinges…

  • Sliding glass window
    25 Sep

    How to Clean Sliding Windows

    To keep your windows looking as good as new, regular maintenance is key. Luckily, slider windows are easy to clean in just a few simple…

  • A casement window, partially open
    25 Aug

    What Are Casement Windows?

    With so many different window types, knowing which ones are right for you and your home can be difficult. Why not consider casement windows? These…

  • Plants displayed in a garden window
    05 Aug

    What Is a Garden Window?

    For anyone with a passion for gardening and the great outdoors, a garden window is one way to bring the beauty of nature inside the…

  • A man uses a power washer to clean vinyl siding on a home
    25 May

    How to Clean Mildew from Vinyl Siding

    While vinyl siding is considered a durable and reliable building material, it still requires upkeep from time to time. Routinely cleaning the siding of your…