What Is a Garden Window?

Plants displayed in a garden window

For anyone with a passion for gardening and the great outdoors, a garden window is one way to bring the beauty of nature inside the comfort of your home. Offering great light and a cozy nook, a garden window might be the perfect option for your window replacement. New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. has extensive experience in window replacement and other home improvement projects throughout northern New Jersey. Here, we explain what garden windows are and what makes them special.

Features of a Garden Window

A garden window slightly protrudes beyond the surface of your home’s wall. With a three-dimensional glass structure and an extended, shelf-like sill, garden windows act as miniature greenhouses. The numerous panes allow garden windows to let in a generous amount of light, which is necessary for indoor gardening all year long. While capable of being installed in any room of the house, garden windows are most commonly found in the kitchen above the sink.

Often, garden windows are mistaken for bay windows because of their similar protruding look. However, they are different, and each offers its own unique functions. Bay windows are composed of a center-fixed window with venting windows on each side. They are generally large, which allows them to provide a window seat inside. On the other hand, garden windows to use hinged windows as end vents for an unobstructed view. While bay windows feature three panes, garden windows often feature four of them, adding more light to the space and making it feel bigger.

Advantages of Installing a Garden Window

Garden windows make for a great option for garden enthusiasts who live in cooler climates and are limited to how many days they can spend gardening outdoors. However, anyone can enjoy the features and benefits of having a garden window (or several) in their home. The advantages of adding a garden window include:

Superior Natural Lighting

What helps garden windows stand out from other window options is the amount of natural light they offer. Because this type of window features a three-dimensional design with panes all around, it will let more light into the interior of your home. It will allow your home to feel brighter and more inviting. Consequently, the large amounts of natural light offered by garden windows can help improve your general health and well-being.

Improved Ventilation

If you choose to upgrade your window with a garden window, you will take pleasure in your home’s enhanced ventilation. Operable side panels will allow natural air circulation from both sides of the window. The improved ventilation can help make your home more comfortable, especially in warmer and drier climates.

Better Views

Windows are designed to enable occupants of a house to view the beauty of the scenery while still indoors. Windows can also play a role in home safety, as they are an excellent way to keep an eye on what’s happening around your home. Thanks to its unique design of four windowpanes extending from the wall, garden windows offer homeowners an enhanced sightline. You will now be able to enjoy a clear view in three different directions, which can be important if you wish to monitor your children playing in the backyard.

Energy Efficiency

The overall efficiency of a home can be important to many homeowners. You can improve your home’s efficiency by opting to replace your traditional window with a garden window. The garden window’s panes will help keep your home warm by preventing heat loss. Additionally, they will help keep your home cooler during the summer months. This newfound efficiency will allow homeowners to save money by limiting heating and cooling costs.

Choose Garden Windows From New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc.

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