Sliding door vs. French door: What’s The Best Type Of Patio Door For Your Home?

Choosing a patio door that meets your needs and reflects your style doesn’t have to be a chore. Whether you opt for a sliding door or French doors, there are many different styles and materials to consider. Both types have their pros and cons. Our team at New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. shares some things to think about when looking for a new patio door.

Ease of Use

Convenience and ease of use are major priorities when choosing any type of entry door. French and sliding doors each have their advantages and drawbacks.

French doors are hinged and are recommended to be installed to swing to the inside. They are easy to open, close, and lock, but are more prone to blowing open than sliding doors. Glass should be cleaned regularly and hinges should be maintained to prevent sticking, but other than that they are super easy to care for.

Sliding doors are very easy to operate and work well for those who may have trouble opening and closing traditional doors. A sliding door runs in a guided track, which is a fairly simple setup, but if the tracks become dirty or damaged, the door can come off track. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. A track may also be an issue when it comes to accessibility for those who use a wheelchair or other equipment.


The layout of your patio or deck and indoor room are critical when choosing a door style. French doors with an inswing will affect how you configure the furniture in the room, and whether the room allows enough space for the doors to operate comfortably.. Because a sliding door moves from side to side, there’s no chance of it hitting furniture or other things when opening and closing. It’s important to keep in mind that French doors usually provide a wider opening for foot traffic and moving furniture.


Both types of doors come in an array of customizable styles, materials, colors, and configurations. Sliding doors typically have large panes of glass that let natural light flood into the room and give you an expansive view of the outdoors. It’s easy to add privacy or block out light with convenient built-in blinds.

French doors provide more of a timeless, traditional look, and come in countless styles. If you are concerned with having an unobstructed view, large panes without grids are available. Even with crisscrossing or grids, French doors let a lot of light stream into a room.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is very important to today’s homeowners, not only to save money on utility bills, but to reduce their carbon footprint as well. Whether a sliding door will be more energy-efficient than French doors depends on the quality of materials and installation, but generally, sliding doors have a better seal.

Brands such as Kingsroyal Glide doors are designed for optimal energy efficiency, security, and style. They offer double- and triple-paned insulated, tempered glass with argon gas, and solar Low-E options. Premium foam insulation in the frame and rails and quality weather stripping helps prevent drafts and cut down heating and cooling costs.

French patio doors typically meet in the middle, however, a premium door will offer no reduction in energy efficiency/Choosing a Low-E glass and quality doors and framing can help make them more energy efficient.

When it comes to how you want your patio door to function and complement your home and décor, it’s really about your family’s needs and personal preferences. Taking a careful look at your specific requirements and doing your research can help to ensure you choose the patio door that’s right for you.

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