How to Determine How Much Vinyl Siding You Need

Calculator and measuring tape resting on top of blueprints

Vinyl siding is a popular replacement option. It provides homeowners great value and is highly regarded for enhancing curb appeal, as well as improving the energy efficiency of a home. When applied, vinyl siding protects your home from the elements while requiring very minimal upkeep. Installation of vinyl siding must be done correctly for the building material to perform as intended.

Before the siding installation process can begin, homeowners must first determine how much vinyl siding they need. Having an idea of what you need at the beginning of the process can help things go smoothly. New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., installs vinyl siding for homeowners throughout northern New Jersey. Here, we explain how to correctly estimate the amount of vinyl siding needed to help make things easier when talking with our replacement siding contractors.

How to Calculate Materials Needed

Knowing how to calculate the amount of vinyl siding needed to outfit a home can help homeowners determine how much of an investment replacement siding will be. It’s important to note that siding is measured in squares. One unit of siding (one square) is equal to 100 square feet (sq. ft). Therefore, knowing how to measure in square feet is the key.

When calculating the amount of vinyl siding needed for a project, follow these steps

  1. Begin by measuring the height and width of each side of your home. When doing so, multiply the measurements of height by width to get the total square footage.
  2. Measure other areas of the home where you plan to install vinyl siding, such as gables, dormers, and any other exterior elements. For elements in the shape of a triangle, measure from the base of the triangle to the top and multiply that number by half of the base length.
  3. Next, measure the height and width of each window, door, and other areas not covered by siding. If those areas cannot be reached, account for 15 sq. ft. for windows and 20 sq. ft. for doors.
  4. Take the square footage calculated for all sides of your home and the additional areas and add them together.
  5. Subtract the square footage of uncovered areas (windows and doors) from the total amount calculated in the previous step.
  6. Finally, divide the remaining number by 100 to determine the number of vinyl siding squares needed for your project.

Mistakes to Avoid

When attempting to calculate the amount of vinyl siding needed yourself, it can be easy to make a mistake. Unfortunately, an incorrect calculation can dramatically impact a siding project. Therefore, we recommend never rushing and always taking your time. If ever in doubt, measure your home multiple times to make certain you haven’t missed anything, and all measurements are accurate.

When it comes to purchasing siding materials, the expression “less is more does not apply.” Not ordering the correct amount of siding materials can lead to not being able to finish your project efficiently. You may need to wait for additional siding shipments, leading to even more delays and even more frustration. A good rule of thumb is to always order more siding than you need just in case you short-changed your calculations.

Receive Premium Vinyl Siding Products

Homeowners wishing to replace their existing siding can find premium products made from durable materials at New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. For over 20 years, our family-owned and operated business has supplied clients throughout northern New Jersey with top-of-the-line vinyl siding from trusted manufacturers, including Royal Building ProductsProVia Siding, and CertainTeed vinyl siding.

To learn more about our selection of vinyl siding, or our other top-quality products, contact us today to speak with the siding contractors at New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. We can provide a free estimate.