Vinyl Windows Come in Many Styles

Installation specialists using tool to correctly install vinyl window

There are several great advantages of vinyl windows. When installed correctly and properly maintained, vinyl windows are proven to be extremely durable and energy-efficient window options. In addition to improving the safety and function of your home, given the many styles available, vinyl windows can help enhance your home’s overall appeal.

For over 20 years, New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., has been pleased to offer residents throughout northern New Jersey premium remodeling services like windows, exterior doors, and siding installation. Here, we explore the wide variety of vinyl window styles available from our family-owned and operated business.

Different Types of Vinyl Window to Choose From

Windows play a key role in making a house a home by adding natural light and ventilation, as well as providing beautiful scenic views. They are often the centerpiece of a home’s interior design, mood, and appearance. Different window types affect a home’s function and appearance. Types of vinyl windows to choose from include:

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are the most widely used window option, and for good reason. The set of vertical sashes allows double-hung windows to be easily opened and closed, providing homeowners with excellent ventilation throughout their space. Homeowners can easily clean their double-hung windows to prolong their lifespan and preserve their beauty.

Casement Windows

Known for their ease of use and superior ventilation, casement windows are a unique option for any homeowner wishing for an alternative to traditional double-hung windows. Instead of opening up, casement windows swing outward from a hinge, just like a door would. A crank-style lever allows users to dictate how far casement windows swing open. Casement windows are outfitted with a strong seal all the way around, allowing them to keep undesired air out much more efficiently.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows work much like a sliding glass door with one section sliding over the other. The smooth slider sashes enable users to open and close these windows without any hassle. Sliding windows are designed with very minimal mechanical components.

Bow Windows

Bow windows offer homeowners and residents a window experience unlike any other type. Consisting of at least four window panels, bow windows extend past the home, providing additional space and excellent panoramic views of the outdoors. The design of bow windows allows for more natural light while taking up less space.

Garden Windows

Much like bow windows, garden windows extend outward beyond exterior walls. The design of a garden window creates a three-dimensional glass box for plants to grow, live, and be displayed.

Picture Windows

Homeowners will enjoy a completely unobstructed view with a picture window. Locked in place and unmovable, a picture window’s sole purpose is to provide unmatched views of the property for a real wow factor. Without any opening or closing mechanisms, the upkeep of a picture window is very minimal.

Vinyl Windows From New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc.

Upgrade your home’s look and function with premium vinyl windows from New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. Dedicated to providing our clients with only the best products on the market, we are proud to offer a full lineup of Soft-Lite vinyl window solutions. As well as professional window installation our services include custom window jobs for special satiations. For more information regarding our inventory of vinyl windows or to learn about our specialty window services, please contact us today at New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc.