Top Savings Made from Vinyl Windows


If you’re looking for replacement windows that don’t break the bank, take a look at vinyl. Not only are vinyl windows secure and stylish, but they’re also designed to help you save money. Soft-Lite windows in particular, which are built using a strict manufacturing process, offer years of reliable use and cost savings. Take a look at just some of the savings that come with choosing vinyl replacement windows for your home below.

    1. 1.They cost less upfront

Lately, vinyl has become one of the most popular materials for windows. The other most common material is wood. Wood windows are a great choice, too, but they tend to be priced a little higher than vinyl windows. While there’s a lot of variety with both options, you can expect to save on average 20 – 35% more when you go with vinyl. The extra savings can be helpful if you’re looking to save on project expenses upfront.

    1. 2.They last a long time

One of the reasons why vinyl is so popular is because of how durable and low maintenance it is. Unlike metal, it won’t rust, corrode or separate over time. And unlike wood, it won’t warp or swell. Vinyl windows are also very easy to clean and take care of, which keeps them looking great year after year. As a result, homeowners can get decades of use out of their new windows before having to think about replacing them again. For added peace of mind, all Soft-Lite vinyl windows (and doors) feature a lifetime warranty, allowing you to feel completely confident in your investment.

  1. 3.They can reduce your energy bills

Vinyl windows are known for being incredibly energy efficient. Energy efficiency is important because it means your home’s heating and cooling system won’t have to work as hard to regulate temperature. After your new windows are installed, you’ll notice how much more comfortable your home feels throughout every season. And when your monthly energy bill arrives in the mail, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the cost savings.

What makes vinyl windows so energy efficient? It all comes down to the materials used and the craftsmanship. Soft-Lite windows have airtight vinyl sash and frame corners to prevent inside air from escaping and outside air from getting in. In addition, they’re made with triple-pane or double-pane low-emissitivity (Low-E) glass to help trap in air, too. The glass panes are filled with either argon or krypton gas for added blocking power. Finally, the frame and sill both have foam insulation inside and are precision-crafted to ensure a perfect fit.

A lot of vinyl windows, including many of Soft-Lite’s, meet ENERGY STAR® requirements. By installing ENERGY STAR single-pane windows in your home, you can save $126-$465 a year. When you install double-pane, you can save $27-$111 a year.

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