Siding Color Style Guide

Blue House With White Trim

One of the best things about new siding is that you get to pick out the colors. The exterior of your home is a blank canvas; now’s your chance to get creative. But there are so many siding color combinations to choose from. How do you know what will look best? To help you make your decision, here are some tips from New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc.

Looking for Inspiration

Your neighborhood and the environment around your house are big factors when it comes to color. Some people like to choose colors that blend in with the other houses on their street. Others draw inspiration from their surroundings. A great starting point is to drive around your town and look at the color choices made by other homeowners to help you decide what you like and dislike. In the end, the most important factor is what you feel looks best.

Choosing Siding Color Combinations

While there are many choices to consider, you may want to begin with guidance from the color wheel. Consider these combinations:

  • Monochromatic colors: Choose several shades of a single color, such as blues, browns or grays, to create a subdued look with plenty of style.
  • Analogous colors: These hues lie next to each other on the color wheel, allowing you to get creative with two, three or even more colors. Fans of warm colors will love combinations of deep yellows, rusty oranges and reds, while cooler colors in soft tones create a distinctive appearance.
  • Complementary colors: For a look with plenty of drama, choose complementary colors. Shades like red and deep green that lie across from each other on the color wheel draw the eye with contrast that’s sure to make your home stand out.

You’ll also want to consider materials and texture. Siding with a cedar shake texture is a great complement to rustic homes and vivid hues alike, while other vinyl and composite siding work with a wide range of colors and are especially suited to lighter tones. Finally, consider your home’s other features, such as trim, doors, windows and roofing. Unless you wish to change these elements, select a color that blends in for a cohesive look.

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