Why a Fiberglass Door Is Better for Security than Wood

Wooden Door Left Open with Key in Lock

When you’re looking for a new exterior door, you might be concerned about home security. Your door is an entry point for both welcome guests and uninvited intruders – but how can you be sure that it’ll do its job of keeping out the latter? When it comes to security, a fiberglass door is far stronger and safer than wood. Here, New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. offers an in-depth comparison of fiberglass vs. wood door security and explains what makes fiberglass the optimal choice for you and your home.

But First, What Is Fiberglass?

Simply put, fiberglass is a composite of plastic with very thin strands of glass running throughout, making for a preferred alternative to carbon products. The glass reinforces the plastic, giving it strength and more durability. Meanwhile, its plastic components mean that, unlike pure glass, fiberglass won’t crack or shatter. It’s versatile, too, and depending on its manufacturing process, fiberglass can be made into thick chunks, fabric-like material, or flat sheets.

Tougher than Wood

While wood windows are fairly sturdy, they can’t compare to the security of fiberglass. The specific makeup of fiberglass means that it’s incredibly durable, resists the penetration of sharp objects, and doesn’t crack or shatter due to blunt force. Fiberglass panels also often have thick layers of insulation between them, adding stopping power and cushioning to further prevent breakage. This makes it very difficult to damage a fiberglass door enough to make an opening.

However, some intruders don’t try to break through the door itself. Instead, they may target the lock or the hinges. Luckily, if your door is made of fiberglass, even this will be difficult. Wiggling or pulling at a screw in wood can cause the surrounding material to soften and splinter, making it easier to remove the screw and detach the wood from the hinges. But fiberglass doesn’t splinter, and it actually has twice the screw-holding power of wood. A burglar will have a much harder time pulling your door off its lock and hinges if you choose fiberglass.

Longer Life Span

When investing in new doors for your home, it’s also important to consider their lifespan, as you need them to stay secure for as long as possible. While wood is appealing, it is vulnerable to aging and warping, twisting, and rotting due to moisture. This reduces the structural integrity of the door, weakening its hardware and making it easier to break apart.

Unlike wood, fiberglass is not affected by water. It keeps its shape, so you won’t have to worry about warping or bending, and it won’t rot over time. Take it from us – your fiberglass door will be just as secure in 20 years as it is upon installation.

Tap into Our Expertise

With so many advantages offered by fiberglass doors, it’s clear why many of our clients have left wood doors behind. New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. offers an extensive inventory of unique fiberglass exterior doors out of our Randolph, NJ headquarters. We serve homeowners throughout Northern and Central NJ and are standing by to help you select and install the right fiberglass doors for your home. To learn more, contact us today.