How to Decide Between a Fiberglass or Steel Door

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When it’s time to replace your entry door, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. One of the most important is the door’s construction. At New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., we offer fiberglass and steel entry doors, and both offer great benefits for Northern New Jersey homeowners. Which is right for you? Here, we’ll take a closer look at fiberglass vs. steel doors to inform your decision.

Top Benefits of Fiberglas Doors

When curb appeal is a top concern, fiberglass entry doors are a great choice. This versatile material is available in a rainbow of hues, as well as in options that offer the grain and finish of real wood. However, good looks aren’t all these durable doors have to offer. Fiberglass doors also provide:

  • Great energy efficiency: Fiberglass doors with insulated cores are one of the most efficient options available on the market and can keep your home comfortable and your bills low.
  • Durability: Fiberglass doors are remarkably durable, and their water-resistant design won’t rust, rot, swell, or splinter after exposure to the elements.
  • Solid security: Fiberglass doors provide a great level of strength with durable construction that is hard to break or damage, giving you peace of mind.
  • Easy to care for: There’s no need to repaint or re-stain a fiberglass door – simply hose away dust and dirt or use a gentle detergent to remove tougher soils.

Overall, fiberglass doors are ideal for homeowners who want the look of natural wood with added durability, as well as effortless maintenance and energy efficiency.

Top Benefits of Steel Doors

Steel doors offer many appealing features but are often prized most by security-minded homeowners. When it comes to security, nothing is tougher than a steel door. The metal is thick and can’t be broken through without great effort.

Additionally, steel doors offer:

  • Versatile styles: You’ll find steel doors in a wide range of finishes to complement any home. These doors are typically available with a smooth finish that creates a sleek, contemporary look.
  • Rugged strength: When it comes to durability, steel doors are tough and can stand up to almost any weather or abuse. There’s no need to worry about cracks, chips, warping, or other damage, as steel can handle it all – including New Jersey winters with ice, snow, rain, and high winds.
  • An efficient option: Most quality steel doors are filled with an insulated foam core, offering greater insulation than off the shelf doors.
  • No-worry care: Just like fiberglass doors, steel doors require very little maintenance. They’re easy to clean and won’t need to be painted or stained.

In general, steel doors are ideal for homeowners with entry doors close to busy streets or where extra security is needed. Their durability ensures you can enjoy a beautiful front door that stands strong against damage for years to come.

Fiberglass vs. Steel Doors: Which Will You Choose?

If you still have questions about fiberglass vs. steel doors, contact New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. today. Our team will learn more about your needs, explain our available entry doors, and help you choose the best options for your North Jersey home. To request a quote or additional information, please call 973-895-1113.