If you’d like a home that fuses sophistication with timeless elegance, a portico is the perfect option for your next exterior addition. While they tend to be relatively small, porticos bestow a stately atmosphere while providing additional decorating space while drawing attention to your entry door. As with most types of porches, there are many ways to go about crafting the perfect portico.

  • The Simple, Columned Portico: A straightforward, columned portico is a porch-like addition that might at first seem simple, but in fact adds an irresistible sense of depth to the home. The experienced builders at New Jersey Siding & Windows will take care to ensure that your portico perfectly complements your home, and once completed, you’ll be able to integrate decorations that augment its curb appeal.
  • The Portico Porch: A portico/porch combination offers a bit more space than the standard portico. This concept ensures that your porch measures up to your standards of beauty while affording yourself, your friends and family a place to comfortably lounge.
  • The Enclosed Portico: New Jersey Siding & Windows has plenty of experience when it comes to porch enclosures, and we’re happy to enclose your portico, too. An enclosed portico will let your home stand out while providing total protection for the entryway within.
  • Portico with Cultured Stone: Another popular way to maximize the grace of your home is with cultured stone. While any well-designed portico will benefit your home, consider outfitting your portico’s steps and pillars with cultured stone. Contact New Jersey Siding & Windows to discuss your stone options for a more distinct look.

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