Spring Is a Great Time to Install New Siding

Homes with new siding in springtime

There are many advantages of upgrading the siding on your home, from revamping its appearance to adding value before putting the property on the market. While home siding projects can be performed at any point during the year, some seasons can be better than others. Springtime is generally the best time of year for any home improvement project in northern New Jersey. Here, New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., offers reasons you should consider having your siding replaced this spring.

Ideal Weather Conditions

The timeframe of a siding job depends on several factors, including weather conditions. Siding projects completed in less-than-ideal weather may take longer than expected. One of the biggest benefits of having your siding replaced during the spring is that the weather is much more predictable. This allows siding companies to provide you with a more accurate timeline as to when the job may be finished. Furthermore, inclement weather can cause delays, which may potentially lead to your time and money being wasted.

Harsh Winter Calls for Restoration

Stormy winters are common in New Jersey. Frigid temperatures, ice, sleet, and snow can wreak havoc on your siding. Spring can be an ideal time of the year to have your siding replaced after it has suffered damage during the sometimes unforgiving winter months.

Plenty of Time to Enjoy New Siding

For many homeowners, curb appeal is a point of pride. When they make upgrades to the exterior of their homes, they want to be able to wow guests and others in the neighborhood, plus enjoy it themselves. Homeowners who opt to have their home siding replaced during the spring will have plenty of time to appreciate the look of their new home before winter hits again.

Safer Storage

Depending on the size of the job, siding projects could require multiple days to complete. In these cases, materials and supplies need to be safely stored onsite. Inclement weather can make housing these important materials very difficult and even delay the process. Springtime makes storing materials and supplies much easier given the more favorable weather patterns.

A More Energy-Efficient Time of Year

Home improvement projects like new siding often require a home to be somewhat exposed to the outdoor elements for a short period. This can temporarily disrupt a home’s energy efficiency. Home siding projects performed in the summer can result in uncommonly humid temperatures in your home, forcing your HVAC unit to work twice as hard. A similar effect can occur for siding projects performed during the fall or winter, where the cold temperatures outside can seep into your home.

Spring’s mild weather conditions won’t affect indoor comfort or raise energy costs while the siding is installed. In many cases, homeowners choose to have their windows open during the spring season because of the cool air, which is often not nearly as hot as it can get in the summer.

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