The Latest Window Treatment Trends of 2017

Shades, blinds, curtains, and other treatments for windows serve many purposes. They maintain privacy. They let in or block light. They can also accentuate a room’s beauty.

Every year, new treatments emerge. These are the exciting styles and technologies that are trending so far in 2017.

Eye-catching Materials

Luxury is in, with opulently inviting colors trending for drapes. Shiny, metallic colors and textures, jewel tones resembling precious stones (such as emeralds and rubies), and fabrics that feel like velvet and silk are very popular. Mixing materials with complementary colors is another trending style seen this year.

Function & Form

Whether in shades or drapes, layers are becoming popular both for the look and the practical aspect. With layers, light can be let in or blocked out more precisely. Treatments that fit snugly within a window frame are perfect for smaller spaces; they act as highlights without dominating a room.

Intriguing Patterns

Patterns are making a comeback, both in bold hues and in softer tones. One fun trend is repurposing bed sheets, and even sewing different sheets together for a quilted or rainbow look. Windows can boast wilder patterns when the rest of the room’s decor is more muted.

Eco-friendly Designs

Going green is important in many households. This is why natural materials and new technologies are appearing on the scene more and more. Honeycomb blinds are eco-friendly because the accordion-style structure adds another layer of insulation. Bamboo and rattan are becoming popular choices for shades and blinds.

Contact your home decor specialist for more great ideas on what’s trending in window fashion.