How Gutters Affect Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Gutters on home - New Jersey Siding & Windows

To many homebuyers, gutters may seem like an afterthought – but longtime homeowners know otherwise. Gutters are essential to any well-kept home, as they help protect your property from wet weather conditions. Keep reading to learn why gutters have a serious impact on your home’s visual appeal and structural integrity.

Poorly Maintained Gutters Can Damage Your Home’s Landscaping

Gutter obstructions can lead to a host of problems, but few are as easily observable as the damage to your home’s landscaping. For example, many homes feature small gardens or other similar features in the front yard that lead directly to the side of the house. If the section of gutter above such a garden fails, the water that would usually be led away by your gutter system will simply fall down into the flowerbeds, triggering erosion in the nearby soil and potentially killing off plant life.

Downspout Obstructions Can Cause Roof and Attic Damage

If your downspouts are working correctly, rain that falls on your roof should simply run off and vanish into your gutter system without a trace. Clogged downspouts, however, might lead to this water remaining in your gutters for an extended period of time, sometimes even building up onto your roof. Water that remains on your roof for too long can eventually cause unsightly exterior damage before leaking into your attic and wreaking havoc on your home’s interior structure.

Damaged Gutters Mar Otherwise Attractive Homes

Many gutter systems are supported by wood pieces. Water that builds up and leaks over the sides of these gutters can damage the wood, which often causes visible deterioration. So while most of your home may remain in pristine condition, a rotting gutter support system can stick out like a sore thumb.

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