Durability Advantages of Vinyl Windows

Beautiful Home With Vinyl Windows

First introduced in 1979, vinyl windows quickly became a popular choice among homeowners. What accounts for this rapid rise to prominence? It all comes down to durability and energy efficiency, making vinyl windows a desirable choice. If you’re considering vinyl replacement windows for your home, learn more about why they’re a smart investment from the experts at New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc.

Stronger Than You Realize

From sturdy construction to performance-focused features, vinyl window’s strength is hard to overstate. These rugged window frames withstand the elements year after year and look good doing it. The material itself is tough and long lasting, but the unique construction method used in the Soft-Lite windows offered by New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. delivers even more durability. The frames are built with fusion-welded joints and Kevlar reinforced sashes to hold strong during winter gales. For added protection, vinyl frames are available with a triple-layer, impact-resistant design to endure hurricane-force winds and impacts due to flying debris.

Standing the Test of Time

Vinyl windows aren’t just built strong – they stay strong. When installed by a highly trained professional, vinyl windows can last 25 years or more without scratches, tears, chips or corrosion. Because vinyl will never rust, there’s no risk of annoying frozen windows or irritating injuries caused by handling damaged window frames.

Your windows will also keep their high-quality appearance over time. Vinyl frames resist the sun’s intense rays to maintain a fresh look and like-new color for the life of your windows. They’re easy to clean as well, with quality models that have the ability to tilt in for easy access cleaning.

Even More Benefits

Strength and lasting quality are important considerations when choosing replacement windows for your home, but there is a host of other factors to think about as well. Vinyl windows generally excel in these categories too, providing an ideal solution for almost every home. Additional benefits include:

  • Vinyl windows are budget-friendly: With an average investment that’s 10-30 percent less than other materials, vinyl windows offer a great value.
  • Insulation: An insulated design rated for thermal loss keeps cold air out and warm air inside, promoting a more comfortable home and lower utility bills.
  • Low-maintenance design: There’s never any need to paint or stain your vinyl window frames, and as noted above, cleaning them is quick and easy.
  • Wide variety of color, style, and size options: From bay and casement windows to custom designs made just for your home, it’s simple to find the right vinyl window for any room. You’ll also enjoy a variety of finishes and other options to suit your preferences.
  • Environmentally friendly: When it’s time to replace vinyl windows, they can be recycled for a greener choice you can feel good about.

Learn More about Vinyl Replacement Windows

When choosing the right windows for your home, it’s important to consider all your options. To learn more about available vinyl windows, as well as our wood and composite options, contact New Jersey Siding & Windows today. We’ll explain all your choices and help determine which windows are best suited to your needs. To get started right away, call 973-895-1113 to speak with a representative.