Deciding on the Right Bay Window for Your Space

White bay window on brick wall

Of the many parts of a house, exterior windows are often underestimated during the shopping process. They’re more important than many people realize. They offer light, provide a view of the outdoors, offer a sense of scale, and add architectural style. But how do you choose the right bay window to suit your space? The experts from New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc. explains five-panel bay windows and the options available to you.

Decide on a Type

The first part of deciding on a replacement bay window for your home is choosing which kind to get. The right type of five-panel bay window will depend on your personal style, your needs, and the limitations of your space. Bay windows mostly differentiate by the angle at which they attach to the wall and include the following varieties:

  • Angled bay: The most common style of bay windows, an angled window slants out from the wall at an angle of 30 or 45 degrees.
  • Box bay: Much more extreme than an angled bay, a box bay is shaped like a box, with all angles at 90 degrees.
  • Garden or greenhouse bay: This is simply a box bay with a glass roof. Its name refers to the fact that these windows are great for providing light to houseplants.
  • Bow Window: Similar to a bay window, a bow window projects out from the house in a curved shape, with a mix of operating casement and/or fixed windows.

Choose a Size

Once you’ve settled on what type of bay window, it’s time to choose a size. There is almost no limit to the size of bay windows available on the market. In your home, however, the structure of your house will dictate how large of a window you can install.

The space the window will help determine what size you can use. Is the opening flanked by other windows or a door? There are some limitations, but an experienced sales representative will help you determine what will work best.

Second, will there be an eave above it? Many bay windows are installed under the eave of the roof, which the window ties into. In other scenarios, a roof can be built over the window, which ties into the existing structure.

Trust an Expert’s Advice

The options for bay and bow windows may seem limitless and even overwhelming. If you’re having a hard time making a choice, trust the advice of a professional. A contractor can evaluate your home and space and help you choose a window that will fit. At New Jersey Siding & Windows, Inc., we serve homeowners across North Jersey and will help you at every step of the process, from inspection to selection and installation. To learn more, contact us today.