Choosing the Best Patio Door Style

Entry doors in a house provide an opportunity to marry function with innovative style. A patio door is a specific entrance that leads to an outdoor living area.

Glass Options

Most patio or deck entrances involve a glass door. While designs and operations vary, the type of glass is also a consideration. Choosing low-E glass in the panes prevents ultra-violet rays from penetrating through to upholstery and flooring, which could cause fading over time. Low-E technology also helps reduce energy bills because it keeps the sun’s heat from penetrating. Decorative panes offer options such as specialty patterns, textures, impact resistance, and privacy enhancements.

Patio Door Functionality

Swinging French entry doors may open into the house or out onto the deck or patio. Opening in requires enough interior room for traffic patterns and furniture. Opening out can solve this problem. However, the doors will need a mechanism that prevents them from slamming closed to prevent damage. A half window panel that doesn’t move with a single swinging door is another option. Sliding doors are affordable, user-friendly, and contemporary, offering a wide entrance space. French sliding doors are another possibility. Some homeowners opt for another variation with hinged panels that fold back to open.

Entry doors are also available in a variety of framing materials such as wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl. Budget, geographic location, traffic flow, home design, and overall style are important factors when choosing the best patio door for a house.