KP Siding

Why KP Building Products?  It’s a good question, and one that’s easy to answer.  KP Building Products has been in the siding business for FIVE decades, and take a special pride in their quality heritage and proven track record of customer satisfaction.  Whatever the architectural style of the home, the customer’s personal taste, or the size of the new construction, KP has a siding choice that will fit perfectly.

KP Maxim XL Plus

The Maxim XL Plus panel is a double 5” exposure panel with a low gloss rough cedar look to capture the real wood feel of siding.  At a .048 thickness, it’s has exceptional strength and thickness, outperforming many of the thinner panels available on the market.  A 16 ft. panel helps eliminate up to 33% of the seams seen in a more traditional 12 ft. panel, with some walls having no seams at all!  Vertical siding options are available in Maxim as well.  With a wide range of colors, the Maxim XL Plus is a panel for everyone.

KP Ashbury

Coming in at a .050 thickness, the Ashbury panel is one of the thickest vinyl panels available on the market.  The Ashbury collection of heritage inspired vinyl siding combines the time honored tradition of 6″ lap siding with the durability and weatherability of vinyl. Molded from real cedar planks, it possesses a realistic woodgrain appearance while offering premium strength and impact resistance. Ashbury is available in a variety of rich, saturated craftsman tones with perfectly matched trims, so you can achieve the authentic, historical look you’re searching for with the peace of mind that it will last for years and years.

KP Perfection Shingles

For people who love the look of cedar shingles but don’t have the time for constant staining, KP Perfection Shingles offer the perfect solution. Whether you’re looking to cover a home or simply beautify it with a few accents, the low gloss woodgrain finish of KP Perfection Shingles give the appearance of a real cedar shingle with almost none of the maintenance.  Shingle molds are patterned from real cedar shingles, so every panel has a natural, hand-crafted appearance and deep grain.   With a single or double 7” exposure, and nearly all of the color’s KP has to offer, the Perfection Shingle will suit your tastes.

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