Protect Your Home With Storm Windows and Doors

It’s worth investing in quality replacement windows and new exterior doors for many reasons. Your windows and doors are essential to your property’s curb appeal and your home’s security; not to mention that poor-quality windows and doors are often inefficient and can result in higher than normal energy costs. However, even after you’ve invested in quality windows and doors, you should also strongly consider installing storm windows and doors.

The Benefits of Installing Storm Windows

Storm windows are windows that are installed outside of existing windows. They are hugely beneficial in many different ways. For example, during severe storms, such as thunderstorms or hurricanes, high-powered winds can send debris hurtling through glass windows at high speeds. Not only could this result in broken windows, but the glass could cause damage within your home and injuries to anyone nearby. Storm windows will help prevent your windows from breaking in such a situation.

In addition to helping protect the glass in your home’s existing windows, storm windows can also prevent water from leaking in during rainstorms as well as boost the energy efficiency of your home by adding another insulating barrier.

Besides just adding an overall layer of protection that can prevent damage and injuries, storm windows also insulate against outdoor noise and help prevent outdoor contaminants such as dust and pollen from penetrating your home, thereby helping to increase the overall comfort of your house.

At New Jersey Siding & Windows, we carry a variety of high-quality storm windows by some of the best brand names in the business, including Soft-Lite.

The Benefits of Installing Storm Doors

Like storm windows, storm doors are attached outside of existing doors. They can help to protect debris from damaging your exterior doors during a bad storm, which could compromise the energy efficiency of the door, its aesthetic value and potentially the security it offers your home.

One of the additional perks of installing storm doors, besides the ability to enjoy the aforementioned benefits, is that you’ll be able to leave your main door open without inviting insects or debris inside if you want to enjoy the outdoor view or would like to let more sunlight into your home.

We carry storm doors built by ProVia Doors, one of the most highly regarded storm door manufacturers in the industry. In fact, their professional class storm doors are made from aluminum that’s 20 percent thicker than standard consumer-grade storm doors.

You may not think that the added cost of installing storm windows and doors is necessary, especially if you’ve already put money into purchasing high-quality windows and doors. However, the added protection, efficiency and overall value that they offer make them a sound investment. For information about the new storm windows and replacement doors that we carry, please contact us at New Jersey Siding & Windows today.