Energy-Efficient Windows and Standard Windows: What’s the Difference?

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Throughout the past few decades, the search for greener alternatives to existing technologies has resulted in a number of handy inventions that aim for energy efficiency. This list includes energy-efficient windows. While providing the same classic look as standard windows, energy-efficient windows are designed to minimize energy use, thus cutting your heating and cooling bills. But what is it that actually separates them from typical windows? Read on to find out.

  1. Pane construction.

Standard windows generally employ one glass plane. Energy-efficient windows, such as the Soft-Lite windows offered by New Jersey Siding & Windows, feature double or triple panes. The empty space between panes is usually filled with krypton or argon gas, which helps provide a solid barrier between the air within and outside of your home.

  1. Energy-reflective coatings.

Most energy-efficient windows are outfitted with low-emissivity (low-e) coatings. These microscopic coatings, which are crafted of metal or metallic oxide materials, are applied on the glass, and they offer an additional measure of temperature regulation by reflecting sunlight in the warmer months and trapping heat within the home once cooler weather comes around.

  1. Frame features.

While the panes play a crucial role in the energy efficiency of any window, they’re only part of the picture. Energy-efficient windows also boast specialized frame construction, often using different, less conductive materials or foam insulation like those used by our Soft-Lite selections. This is yet another measure designed to prevent the temperature outside of your home from affecting indoor conditions.

  1. Energy Star Guidelines.

In the USA, the most truly effective energy-efficient products feature the government-created Energy Star label. These products are held to more stringent standards than typical products, helping to ensure that they deliver the energy-efficient benefits you desire.

Energy-Efficient Windows in North Jersey

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