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Residential Roll Roofing

Elk RainCap - Mineral Surfaced Roll Roofing

GAF Roof Leak BarriersElk RainCap is a general purpose roll roofing material. It is a mineral surfaced product which is available in most popular shingle colors. Elk RainCap’s fiberglass composition provides longer life than organic cap sheets.

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GAF Roof Leak BarriersMineral Gaurd Residential Roll Roofing

Mineral Guard®  Residential Roll Roofing is great for use on
low-sloped roofs over porches, garages, car ports, sheds, and other residential structures. Its fiberglass- reinforced construction helps the product resist moisture absorption, lay flatter, and reduce weathering. Mineral Guard®  Residential Roll Roofing should only be used on roofs having positive drainage and slopes of no less than 2:12.

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